Anatomy and Physiology are the masculine and feminie principles of the human body, They imply structure [feminine principle] and function [masculine principle]

In the word Anatomy we see the word "ATOM", which is derived from the Egyptian 'ATUM'. The word TUM means to cut, carve, or crack, and the vowel "A" added in the beginning makes it plural meaning many cuts. The word TUM is related to TiMe, and it was the motion from the first Atom that cut a spiral and cracked to give rise to all creation

Holy Qur'aan Surah 21 Al Baqarah (The Prophets) verse 30

"Do not those who disbelieve see that the heavens and the earth were one piece [ATOM], then we split them open, and WE created from the primeval waters every living thing"

The anatomy is the physical structure of the body. The body is 'generally'composed of 10 systems instead of the generally given [9]nine. In my studies the absolute number is "13" however I will save that discussion for another time. The systems are

1] The Skeletal System

2] The Muscular System

3] The Respiratory System

4] The Digsetive System

5] The Circulatory System

6] The Excretory [Lymphatic-Immune - Integumetary (skin)] System

7] The Reproductive System

8] The Glandular [Endocrine] System

9] The Nervous System 10] The Etheric System

These Systems are modeled after the Ancient Egyptian Transformation table and Creation Record left for Us on the Shabaka Stone

The Etheric Body [masculine] is married to The Nervous System [feminine]. Together they make up the head and guiding systematic force of the body. They are the Atum of the Kemetic Creation Record composed of Nun [feminine]and Ptah[masculine]

Each of the other systems has a complimentary system based on the Kemetic table of qualities and elements

Respiratory [AIR - oxygen]& Digestive [Earth - nitrogen]

Circulatory [Fire - carbo] & Execretory (Lymphatic/Immune) [Water - hydrogen]

Skeletal & Muscular

Reproductive & Glandular

The Etheric Body is shown in The Egyptian Hieroglyics of the Amarna Period as Originating from the Aten Disk or Sirius Star System. It is composed of ether. This ether interfaces with the nuclear DNA of every cell to produce the chemical Carbon 14 in every cell of the body. Disfunction in the etheric body manifests disease in the other systems of the body.
The Nervous System Houses the Brain, Spinal Chord and all of the 'WIRES' of the body. The Nervous System sends electrical signals of light called Neurons to communicate with the cells of the body. The word "NEURON" is derived from the Arabic word "NUR" meaning light and "An" meaning the God above in the Ancient Sumerian and Egyptian Languages.

The "CIRCLE OF WILLIS" is the vessel shown here. It provides the brain with Oxygen. nutrients, and creates a magnetic charge by the flow of Blood around the Pineal Gland. It was known by the Ancient Egyptians who made the Ankh after the shape of it respresenting light
The Ankh is the Ancient Egyptian Symbol of Life. It has also be found in Ancient Mexico, as the Egyptians visited there. The Ankh, whcih was a respresentation of the Circle of Willis, which housed the "AKH" or Pineal Gland in its circle, respresenting the root of life. The Pineal Gland controls the electromagnetic frequency of the Body. Once that frequency stps oscillating life cease on this plane. A coma can be heal by stimulating the Hormone Serotonin in this Gland, or by increased alkaline carohydrate substances and oxygen to the brain and heart, while in Sajda "Prostration Position [fetal position]

The Respiratory System is the System that controls the intake of Oxygen and the release of Carbon. This system realeases toxins from the body. 18 Breaths per minute [60 seconds] is the proper rhythmic breathing pattern that synchronizes the body with the rotation of the Earth thorugh 1 Zodiac, whcih occurs aprroximately every 2 hours and should take 2,160 breathes, per 2,160 units of Zodiac.
The Digestive system functions to process what we take from the Earth as food and chemically makes it available for cellular metabolism

The Circulatory System circulates the blood and functions based on the beat [pulse] of the heart. The regular rhythmic hear pulse should be 72 times per minute [60 seconds]. This puts the heart in rhythm with the universal pulse of 8,640 beats per rotational movement of the earth through 1 zodiac in approximately 2 hours, which is synchronized with the base of the Great Pyramid and the amount of cubits the earh travels in ahalf second, which moves according to this mathematical factor 864, 8640 etc...
The Lyphatic System moves the lymph through the body by way of exercise and bodily motion. It has no pumps. There are 3 times more Lymph in the body than blood. It is the lymph that surrounds every cell of the body. The Lymph must be replaced with pure water. The lymphatic system is the gateway to the cell for nutrients, oxygen, and for travel of lymphocytes, immunity cells

The Skeletal Sytem is the physical frame of the body. It houses the production of the Red Blood Cells and all of the Immune Cells produced in the body. Poor Bone Structure will cause disease, low immunity, and an inablilty to regenrate tissue. The Skeletal System is the support of the Muscular System
The Muscular System provides the body with the physical ability to move. Exercise which is key to health is maintained by a health muscular system.

The Reproductive System Houses the Sex Organs and powerful hormones that are developed from Sex Chromosomes. Reproduction is one of the most important biological functions
The Endocrine System is a System of Glands that have control over and house powerful hormones that direct the activity of cells. Hormone is from the word 'Harmony'. Hormones have a great impact on the physiological factors that occur in the body